What are some of the best dialogues and conversations in the movie – three Idiots?

Three idiots chatur movie

I do like many of its dialogues .here some of them

  • Master, I have learnt to stand up on my feet after having violated both my gams. This attitude has come with superb difficulty. No tormentor, I can't. You may keep your job, and let me keep my attitude.

By Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) on the interview .it's a very encouraging words for me .it helps me to believe that if you are not doing anything wrong then just be you , the world will adjust .

  • Everything is fair in Love and War, and this is World War. Trio!
  • Life is a race … if you don’t run rapid … you will be like a cracked undaa
  • Chatur (Omi Vaidya)’s college speech is just hilarious .you also can attempt this one .

This one is also very funny 🙂

Raju Rastogi’s Mother

  • (Would you like cottage cheese) My son, one day cottage cheese will be available at the goldsmith's in puny puny pouches.

Bro to Love does not need a standard .for our parents they always care about even our little little liking disliking.

  • This is showcasing our carelessness in our collegelife . in the course of living and liking fully somehow we leave behind about our parent’s fights for us .

Even his eczema juices costs fifty five Rupees now.

Truly what a strange country !

What a strange country, you can only have pizza in thirty minutes.

Give me some sunshine,

Give me some rain,

Give me another chance,

I wanna grow up once again. na na na . nan..nananana. na nanana. aaaaaaaaaa

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