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Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Free Download Final Offline Installer Stand Alone

September 29, two thousand eight by chatmania

[ Updated : Yahoo Messenger ten Final Version is Out!] Recently, Yahoo Messenger has launch Final Version of Yahoo Messenger 9.0. This meant Right now, Yahoo Messenger nine Beta Version h s eventually substituted by Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final Version. According to (official Yahoo Messenger Blog) there are a lot of fresh features available in Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final. We would give you a brief review of each features in YM 9.0 Final below. Yahoo Messenger 9.0 designed only to work in Windows Vista and Windows XP Operating System. Sometimes Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final also called as Yahoo Messenger Version

Fresh Features in Yahoo Messenger 9.0

The greatest fresh feature, in our opinion is Pingbox™: Introducing Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox. This feature will permit us to embedded our YM in blog, website or any others page, with anonymous ID. That means the user that attempting to send and IM with us will never known our real Yahoo ID. Fresh skins: Now in Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final has added three more skins (Silver, Ruby Crimson, Mystic Black). This make total YM 9.0 Skin would be count to twelve. For others feature seem like just like the same as at beta version or YM eight (except Fresh Emoticons): Comeback of the (original) emoticons, Disregard list enhancements, Inline movie & picture viewer, Fresh emoticons inspired by YM users, Import Contacts wizard, Yahoo! Updates, Call forwarding & fresh voicemail delivery, Yahoo! Games are back, Switches to the look and feel.

We already knew that YM 9.0 Final is freeware, you can use and download it free. You can download Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Online installer here, but we suggest you to download Offline Installer Utter Version or Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final Stand Alone. Below we give you the list of download link of Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Final Offline Installer Stand Alone

Free Download Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer Stand Alone RapidShare : Download

Free Download Yahoo Messenger Stand Alone Offline Installer (Direct Download from Yahoo Server): Download

For Newest Version of Yahoo Messenger nine V you can visit and download here.

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