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Liaise from the Old Port of Marseille, to the islands of If and Friuli Detect the Château d’If , or walks on the hiking trails in a rich and fragile natural milieu . Come spend a day , or Moreover, off Marseille.


* Last departure for If castle at 16:05pm / ** Boarding only at Eighteen:15pm

w Fridays, saturdays and the eve of Public holidays from 04th april till 02nd july and from 4th september till 01st october two thousand seventeen / Every night from 3rd July till 03rd september 2017

s Every night from 03rd July till 03rd september 2017

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Island of Frioul

Frioul consists of two islands, Ratonneau and Pomègues, connected by a dyke which forms a port. Because of the Caroline Hospital and the Saint Estève and Morgiret beaches, Ratonneau has more visitors, while Pomègues is quieter and more unspoilt.

Frioul attracts visitors for water sports, bathing, fishing and walking. But to detect the island decently you must also look at its uncommon plants, colonies of sea birds and protected sea beds.

Frioul is the ideal destination for nature-lovers.

Island of If

Detect the château d’If lounging just off the Marseille coast, a fortress built by François I and made famous by Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. Come and be captivated by the legends of the place and the outstanding views of Marseille and the Iles du Frioul.

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