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Movie Messaging (Android)

We’re pleased to announce movie messaging is now available for Android users on Android Five.1 and above! When using TextNow you can now send a brief movie message to your contacts, right from the app itself. Here’s how:

  1. Open your TextNow app and commence a fresh conversation, or open an already existing conversation.
  2. Tap on the picture of the camera in the bottom right-hand corner of the conversation window, as seen below.

Please note that movie messages can be no longer than fifteen seconds and under 1MB (one megabyte) in size.

Sending movie messages is presently only supported on the Android versions of the TextNow app, but iOS and web users will be able to receive movie messages sent from other carriers or apps.

Comments (30)

Not even my phone will work the only reliable text now service I got is internet which is iffy at best help me for gods sake

Thanks for letting us know. Please make sure you’ve fully updated the TextNow application as this can be a major player when it comes to the quality of service.

Please go after the steps outline here to accomplish the update for TextNow!

Hey text now i have an account yiu wont let me access

Sorry to hear about the troubles! It looks like your account should be fully enabled, so if you are having issues with logging in, it may be due to an IP address that is listed outside of North America.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you require any further assistance 🙂

Is there a way to,recover old conversations?

I’m afraid that we do not presently have a retrieval option for deleted or recycled conversations.

We do apologize for the inconvenience, and please let us know if you have any further questions, and/or concerns!

When numbers are reassigned do the peopke who recieved the number see your ols messages

When numbers are reassigned do the peopke who recieved the number see your old messages

Since message and call history are fastened to your account, when numbers are re-assigned you can rest assured that the next person with the number doesn’t have access to any of that. 🙂

How do I save a movie that I’ve received to my gallery?

You can usually save a movie one of two ways depending on the app version and your phone! Either by tapping the three dots in the conversation to get the conversation options, or press and holding the movie until the "Save" option pops up. 🙂

Hello, out of NOWHERE no one receives the texts i send out but they can receive calls, but i can receive texts still. whats going on

i deleted the cache still doesn’t work. using android. super irritating how it doesn’t work out of nowhere. whats up with that

Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your texts being received. I have reviewed your account and it looks like you’re using our service through your web browser as opposed to the TextNow application, is that right?

Please make sure that the browser you’re using is updated, and we would recommend against using Firefox since it has been a bit unreliable with our service. If you do need further assistance, you can speak to one of our live talk agents here for help in real time! 🙂

I can send messages through app but I am not receiving any?

Sorry to hear about the difficulties. I do not want to get into any crazy troubleshooting here to determine why thats happening. Can you please reach out to us by clicking the "Talk with us" button on to reach one of us directly so we can get that sorted out. Thanks for making us aware.

I can’t recieve any text messages either but I can send them..

this all leads to us wanting to troubleshoot with you directly. Would you please be able to speak with one of our live talk representatives (can be found on the bottom right arm side of this page) for further assistance?

I purchased LG k3 I attempted for two or three days to activate that phone and I couldn’t do it and plus it wants you to inject password every time you use it I’ll never passwords I purchased one year for 29.99 then I purchased three$ Two.99 the phone was$ Nineteen.94 I want you to refund me and put it on my card same way you took is the same way you need to put it back send me a label and I will send your phone back I will proceed to use different phones with for $Two.99 switch sides the charges you can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx once again switch sides the charges and send me a label and I’ll send you your phone back thank you

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your TextNow phone!

I note that your username that you posted this message with is associated with a free TextNow account, and not a paid subscription. Chances are pretty good that you’re just logging into the wrong TextNow account. Attempt logging into your account that has the subscription on it, and it should work. (You also don’t have to log in every time; once you log into the correct account once the app will keep you logged in.)

If you would still like to comeback the device after attempting that, you can talk to one of our talk agents on our paid subscriber support site by clicking Talk With Us on that Support page. They’ll be blessed to help!

Something is wonky with my app. I’m able to send messages, but the person im sending them too doesn’t receive them. I can receive texts just fine. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the app but nothing has switched.

Hey Ariel! That does sound like an annoying issue. This may be due to a connection issue, or some other blocker. To be able to figure that out, I’d recommend for you to speak with one of our live talk representatives (can be found on the bottom right-hand side) for further assistance 🙂

How do I view my messages online?

Hey there! They should all be living on . All you have to do is log into your account on our website, and click on "Text and Call online" to see your message log!

I keep getting the message, about my number has been blocked when attempting to text to an access number (12345, 444123, etc.

I keep getting the message, about my number has been blocked when attempting to text to an access number (12345, 444123, etc.

TextNow’s numbers are often classified as "Virtual" and as a result they are not always recognized for brief code use. I’m afraid if that is the case with the brief codes you’re attempting to use, that is not something that can be switched at this time.

It used to work just fine.

It sounds like the short-code provider may have switched the confinements on the numbers they can send their messages to. I’m afraid that we are incapable to force the short-codes to send successfully to you since these confinements are on the sender’s end more often than the receiver’s.

I need help in ensuring privacy because someone keeps hacking into my text now account and of course my Gmail and Facebook

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