What To Text Your Ex – How To Get My Ex Back

What to Text Your Ex

You’ve finished the no contact period and now you want to know exactly what to text your ex . Well you’re in luck, because in this article I’ll outline several different types of text messages you can send your ex to make him or her miss you and want to take you back.

Albeit I can’t fully assure these text messages will get your ex back overnight, I can assure that they will increase your chances of getting your ex to at least react to you in a positive way. From there you’ll be able to embark the process of getting your ex back into your life.

Before I share these messages, very first let me tell you what not to send your ex.

What NOT to Text Your Ex

This is something that you must absolutely avoid doing if you want your ex to text you back. You know exactly what I’m talking about when I say this, and yes, you very likely hate it as much as I do.

Permit me to explain.

Do you ever get text messages from a friend or family member that just contain one word, like “Hi” or “’sup”? It absolutely aggravates me! That said, something as plain as “Hey, how are you doing?” or “Hey, what’s up?” can be just as bad.

Why are these so bad? Well, very first of all, they’re pointless because they don’t inspire emotions at all. In fact, they may even give your ex a negative picture of you because you sound bored, uninteresting, and frankly, not like a glad person. By sending a text like this, you are sub-communicating to your ex that you’re unhappy with life and that you need to talk to him or her. Don’t do this.

(Significant: If you want to learn a number of texts to send your ex to make him or her beg and plead for you to come back, then I strongly advise you see this movie. It’s by Michael Fiore, and it’s the best “How to get your ex back” program for getting your ex back through text messages).

What to Text Your Ex

This is one of the very first texts you should be sending your ex, and the message it conveys to them is that you are totally over them, however you still think about them from time to time. It’s designed to make you look thoughtful, blessed, and best of all, it has a point to it.

Here are a duo examples of the “Good Reminder Text”.

“Hey. Was just watching the Dallas Starlets play the Vancouver Canucks tonight and your favourite player scored a objective! Made me think about how joy watching those games with you were!”

“Hey, Matthew Good Band is playing at the McPherson Playhouse next month! Thought you’d like to know because I reminisce how much you loved them! =D”

Get it? They’re pretty guiltless, right? Also notice that I use a few exclamation marks here and there. This is truly significant because exclamation marks convey happiness.

This text is my secret sauce.

A few days after you interact with your ex, you’re going to want to use one of these text messages. It’s pretty similar to the very first text, but it takes it a step further.

Basically, you’ll want to recollect a moment in your relationship that was utterly powerful and positive, then remind your ex of it. Be sure to describe it fully in order to evoke a indeed big emotional response from your ex.

Here are a duo examples:

“Remember when we saved that little cat from that tree? I just remembered how good it was to hold your palm after we saved her. Hope all is well with you.”

“I just remembered that time we were stuck in that rain storm at your parent’s place, home alone… and how superb it felt holding you in my arms in front of the fire. Hope things are fine.”

Again, there are a ton of other text messages that you can send your ex that will optimize your chances of getting him or her back. For more text examples, see this movie by Michael Fiore (he’s been on the Rachel Ray showcase because of his program); it’ll help get your ex back in no time!

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