Ten apps you should have on your fresh iPhone 7

Ten apps you should have on your fresh iPhone 7

Every fresh iPhone comes with a fresh iOS release, so getting a fresh iPhone is always more than just getting fresh hardware. It’s like stepping into a entire fresh world that, in some cases, nobody else in the past can practice. Now that the iPhone seven and seven Plus have more or less lodged in, it’s time to take stock of the apps that can best take advantage of the iPhone 7’s fresh, and some old, features. Here are top picks, crossing all categories, from entertainment to productivity to Pokemon stickers!

ProCam Four

The camera was one of the thickest switches in the iPhone 7, and especially the iPhone seven Plus which got not one but two of them. So, naturally, any “best iPhone seven apps” list will have to embark off with a camera app. For the sake of fairness, we’re going with one that works on both iPhone seven and iPhone seven Plus.

While iOS’ own camera app is OK for amateurs and instant captures, photography nuts will choose one that takes them as close to DSLRs as possible. In that sphere, ProCam four remains the crowd beloved.The app features all the knobs and buttons you can have in a digital camera and then some, with that “some” referring to the capability to shoot in RAW. And for iPhone seven Plus owners, the app can also do 3D photos!

Obscura Camera

Two camera apps in the same list? Well, why not? While Obscura Camera does have some of the basic features of ProCam Four, particularly manual controls RAW pic format, it has one over the ProCam Four. Of the two, Obscura is the only one that can capture Live Photos. That goes palm in arm with iOS 10’s fresh capability to edit Live Photos.

So if that is significant to you but still want the trappings of a pro camera app, then Obscura Camera might fit your bill better.

Each iPhone is a multimedia powerhouse, and the iPhone seven isn’t going to buck the trend. Aside from the removal of the headphone jack, of course. While everyone most likely has their beloved movie player, VLC is the name that resounds strongest across all platforms. Which practically means you get the same practice, and same support for almost all formats, anywhere you have VLC installed.

One nice feature that VLC has over many other movie players is Wi-Fi sharing. This permits users to add movies to the app even without iTunes or a USB cable, as long as the iPhone and the source computer are sitting on the same Wi-Fi network.

Built-in Music app

This might be a cop out, but for anyone who has already been sucked into Apple’s music empire, this is the only place to be. From locally stored files to music streaming to online radio, the iOS Music app offers it all. It’s almost ideal, truly, save for one flaw that is, ironically, most visible on the iPhone 7. The Music app still lacks a landscape mode, which is a shame considering the iPhone seven practically has stereo speakers, one at the bottom and one at the top.

Launch Center Pro

iOS has had notification widgets since version 8, but iOS ten truly puts the spotlight on them, especially in how they’re now available right from the lock screen. With that fresh concentrate, it’s time to give widgets some serious thought.

Among power users, Launch Center Pro is thrown around the most. It practically gives you a mini launcher right on your notification panel. Paired with even more powerful apps like Pythonista, you can almost launch anything from anywhere. But don’t worry, Launch Center still respects security settings, so you won’t abruptly find your iPhone unlocking just because you launched an app from the lock screen.

Quick Notes

Notification widgets are a superb way to access functionality from anywhere, whether you’re browsing a web page or watching a movie, without having to very first hop back to the home screen, look for the app, and then launch the app. And when it comes to quick deeds like that, making quick, brief notes, like a phone number or a name, is most likely the most common use case.

Quick Notes is just as the name says. It’s a very quick way to take down notes. While such apps are a dime a dozen on iOS, Quick Notes is laser-focused on one thing and one thing alone. In fact, it doesn’t have a concept of numerous notes. It has but one single page that you can edit, and its contents are automatically displayed in its notification widget. A ordinary tap on that widget will take you straight to the note for editing. It’s like a digital clipboard that’s always at your beck and call.


Not all widgets need to be serious. Poncho offers a delightful twist on the oh so many weather apps and widgets. It uses stylized, cartoony artwork and comical text to convey its message or wake you up with a smile on your face, even if the weather will be getting you down soon. It provides those tidbits right on your notification widget. Besides, who can fight back a poncho-clad cat?

Words with Friends

iOS ten has ultimately hopped into the whimsical messaging bandwagon and, unsurprisingly, everyone can’t wait to have some joy with friends. So why not have some words with them as well. Words with Friends has been one of the classics (it’s that old!) games on the Web and mobile and it has ultimately landed in its most natural environment: inwards a talk app.

No longer will you have to turn to a separate talk or thread just to have some words with friends. Now you can have words with friends while having a word with them in iMessage That’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Stickers: All of them!

Of course, who can leave behind about stickers? Actually, some might be dying to leave behind them. But, for now, they’re too novel and too ridiculous to pass up. So what’s the best iMessage sticker pack? Why all of them, of course!

There are stickers for every occasion, theme, and taste. And you can bet that some tastes can be pretty darn weird. So don’t stick to one and attempt them all. As long as your wallet can support them, of course. From Mario to Disney to Trump and Hilary, there’s an iMessage sticker for everyone. So gotta catch ‘em all!

Jade Empire Special Edition

Tired of the old cookie cutter mobile game? Burned too many times by titles that promise deep plots and engaging gameplay or, better yet, the old school practice? Well, you can’t truly say old school without indeed getting old school, and while Jade Empire is hardly that old, it’s undoubtedly your grandpa’s RPG.

A plot that actually makes sense, characters that aren’t there just to sell you crystals, and kung fu! Those are the promises that Jade Empire has delivered on the PC and consoles and now on iOS as well. Don’t worry, your iPhone seven can certainly treat it. And while those who have played the original version may bemoan the less than excellent mobile port, mobile gamers will most likely appreciate the switch of rhythm, quality, and execution.

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