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art trades (closed!)

I’ll attempt and send notes by tomorrow !! o)–< rdhgds

public art trades [closed]

I would like to consider a few trades — particularly for art of my osenyans but for all of my characters! I was hoping to pick up one or two for anyone who might like art from me.

I can do solo/duo paints like this!

I would like the exchange to be done within 1 or two months tops!

what i like

sketchpages also appreciated!

and pixels !! pixels, icons, dolls etc

some significant points

please reply to the comment with your suggest in quantity, examples, let me know if you want solo/duo

no art victim offers, not looking for designs

if you owe me any work from an OTA that’s still outstanding please don’t suggest

> Suggest HERE for solo/duo paints

> Suggest HERE for a custom-made

don’t!! comment here . to tell me that you don’t think your art is good enough or something!! DON’T DO IT

[event] bon festival! [reminder!]

if you aren’t sure if I’ve sighted it, check the masterlist!

EDIT (29/04): the winners of the raffle were tesstriestoart and Kiyoron ! o)

it’s a little bon festival this weekend!

I’m not the best at making them so here’s a little MYO event, if you’ve been holding out for a certain palette or design I hope you’ll consider it! I’ve made some kind of shoddy bases but you can use them.

Plane SALE [closed]!

#1 (seafoam juice) – $45 (home with yuxile-me !

#Two (golden sun) – $50 (home with 216th !

#Trio (spotted seapatch) – $40 (home with bunnytricked!

SPECIAL OTA [pending]

( since it’s a little special I thought I might (??) open it up to more than the usual OTA fare

oops give me a sec for this one

suggest for the maneki catbun here!

> I’ll bring back the bribery list but you can suggest any good quality design/popular CS

1. Paypal only, please! Everything is in $USD.

Two. To the winner, I will note you the utter sized file after payment.

Trio. You will be free to make an OC from the design but the right to the artwork is mine, please credit me when using.

Four. Please don’t repost or edit my art!

Five. Trades and gifting is okay, please use this journal from now on if you would like to resell your adopt!

6. The auction will end forty eight hours from the time of uploading. I’ll add another thirty minutes for each bid afterwards as a snipe guard.

7. For OTA, please don’t edit your comments but simply reply to them if there are switches to your suggest. ***

MAKE YOUR OWN BONS [claims closed]

both bases are here!

sea bon slot – $20

land bon slot – $15


> You may use my base or draw it freehand, but do not commission people to use it.

> This opening is for everyone.

> Please only use common traits (aka not under "uncommon"!

> You can only claim slots for yourself. Please do not claim for friends.

> Do not post your MYOs anywhere until I have approved them.

Very first claims will close in around forty eight hours.


> Comment HERE below to claim a slot! If you are back for a 2nd slot, please claim a 2nd time.

> I will reply to confirm your claim, please note me your paypal address so that I can invoice you.

> When you have finished drawing your MYO please note to to me here at yukibuns !

> In your note please write your (paypal address, designer/artist, stash link to design) somewhere in there.

> I’ll attempt and put together a quick spreadsheet of slots and finished designs as proof of purchase/completion.

Written from @/beauket ‘s MYO bulletins.

MYO, or Make Your Own, slots can be used to draw your own design of one of my closed species.

– MYO slots themselves cannot be resold or traded. Only finished designs that are approved by me can be traded or sold (and with whatever art has been commissioned, given permission)

– Do not resell or trade your MYO until after a grace period of 1 month.

– Unless there’s rigorous time constraints/other requirements that require your own work, you can commission someone to design it for you.

– Do not post/use your design as official until I have seen and approved it.

– If there is any plagiarism found I will revoke your slot (and you will be blacklisted for further MYO events

– I will attempt to give advice during the conformity process if for some reason I reject your design.

– There will be a masterlist of slots/approved designs <– Here are MYO guidelines and rules! Please have a read.


You have two months (but can seek extension) to accomplish your MYO. As a petite incentive, if you get approved before April 26th you will go into a raffle for a nugget of your MYO bon! I’ll do a few ; ) !


Alrighty wheezes that’s all!! O)—( If you are thinking of participating please do your best to read everything. Thanks so much again T T ////

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